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A rustic farmhouse coffee table

A new rustic farmhouse coffee table

The other day I told you about my search for farmhouse armchairs. Well, I am almost ready to make up my mind! The thing is, I thought that by getting rid of one sofa and by adding two armchairs instead, my decor dilemma would be solved. Unfortunately, it is not. Now I also need a new farmhouse coffee table!

The one we currently have is a white ottoman from Ikea, which matches the sofas. In a creative moment a few years back I decided this white “table” needed some new live and I stuck a patterned fabric around it. Yes, you read that correctly: stuck. I did not want to sew a custom fit cover, so I decided to fold and stick (with duct tape ;.) ) the fabric around the Ottoman. I thought back then that that was so clever! I would be able to take it off any time the cover needed washing…



I am not too fond of the black-and-white pattern any more and I really would like something made from wood. Believe it or not, I am even considering making a wooden cover for the ottoman from reclaimed wood. I have already started collecting some weathered boards. Am I that talented? Well, I might just be! I (with a bit of help from my dear husband) built a chicken coop last autumn, it survived its first winter and it is still standing :-. The challenge here is though, that I am not a plan-maker-think-before-I-do type of person. I just start and see where I end up. Not always very efficient! My husband is the “thinker”, but he is not here the next few days, and I need to do something now, before another 4 years pass by. You agree, right?

Coffee Table Inspiration

But first, I need some inspo! I know that Ana White has some pretty cool coffee table plans available for (seasoned – which I am not) DIY-ers. I will have to check if there is anything I can work with. Besides that, I will be hopping over to Pinterest and Instagram to see what others are having in their homes. Then I will check out Amazon (and probably Wayfair, Houzz and Pier One too) to see if it would actually be “more economical” to buy a new rustic coffee table then to actually really try and make one myself.

Sharing is caring

You know I like to share my product finds with you! To not disappoint you this time either, below you will find a small selection of rustic farmhouse coffee tables which you can buy online. I will also include the link to the DIY plans, in case you are feeling a bit creative yourself!

This list will be updated every time I come across another pretty farmhouse coffee table, so feel free to come back again here soon! Oh, and I would love to read your comments on the selection of tables in this collection. Do you maybe have one of them in your living room?

One last thing

As you know, I have to inform you that the links in the products below are affiliate links. This means that you can click on them, be redirected directly to the sellers site, and if you decide to buy something through one of my links, I get a small commission from it. That was a very long sentence, sorry about that! You might know though that no extra cost for you are involved and that I am very grateful for you supporting my family this way. Thank you for being here today!


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