Modern farmhouse dining room chairs

Modern farmhouse dining room chairs

Out with the old rustic dining room chairs

I decided to throw away my fabric dining room chairs. They where heavy, brown, used up and just overall not really fitting our space any more. I was so ready for something a bit more modern farmhouse style. Unfortunately, I could not find a picture to show you the old set-up where you can really get a feel for the old look, except for this one below, with the table set for a birthday brunch with my friends. I can show you how they looked on the day I threw them out, though. You might agree with me that it was time for them to go! Oh, and on the “inside”, food crumbs from the last 10 years where gathering in the tiny spaces between the seat and armrest. You know those spaces, right? Those where no vacuum cleaner ever really gets to!

Our dining room shares the space with our living room. In a previous post, about super-comfortable farmhouse armchairs, I told you about our living space being a large sun room, or wintergarden, as we call it here. Difficult space to decorate, as it has three walls of glass and a metal staircase and landing over it. We can not change any of that, as our place is rented, so we have to do with what is here.

Our rustic farmhouse table

We have a large solid oak wood table, which we found “by accident” 14 years ago, on a rainy Sunday afternoon. We where not really looking for one and had never visited the store where we found it before. It was hiding somewhere on the 5th (top) floor, and my husband and I both fell in love with it straight away. We had one made for us in 1.05m by 3.20m, with two extensions of 0.45m. I can honestly not remember why on earth we choose these dimensions, but it works out perfectly. With both extensions on, we can fit 12 people around the table. Without them, it is 8.

I am getting side-tracked here… I actually wanted to tell you about our new dining room chairs.

My thought and decision making process

First, I (thought I) wanted a variety of 8 different chairs, preferably used, bought on flea markets and yard sales. I must confess that I have a weakness for old objects, which, with a little love and care, could be easily used for another 20 years. I have already collected 4 chairs and semi-restored them, but when I put them around the table, I didn’t really like it at all… Then I thought of a buying a bench for one side of the table and chairs on the other. Wasn’t doable either, with the stairs being in the way.

Reducing my options even further, I also had to take into consideration that we have two kids and two cats. Even though they (the cats)  are not allowed to sharpen their nails on our furniture, once in a while they try to get away with it anyway  (that is how our old chairs ended up looking the was they did).

I totally think the ones I picked are perfect for us and our current life.

In with the new modern farmhouse dining room chairs

Our new farmhouse dining room chairs
Our new farmhouse dining room chairs

Chairs can make such a huge impact on the look and feel of your space! I thought it was time to “lighten up” the room a bit, both by changing the color and the material of the chairs. After a long time searching for the perfect chairs, I found mine on Amazon (this might not come as a surprise to you who know me 😉 ). These same models can be found in other online stores, too.

They are looking very much like some famous design chairs, but in fact, they are not. And I got 4 chairs for the price of one “real” one. I am super happy with them, as I do not have to worry all the time that something will happen to them, like cats laying on them and kids dropping food on them every. single. day….! They are easy to clean and in case of a major hick-up, I can always get another one.

During my search, I came across many so many beautiful chairs, I had a hard time deciding. To make it a bit easier for you, I have added some of them to this post for your inspiration! Most of these chairs come in different colors, here I have only added one color option of each. Would you buy your chairs online too, or do you only use the internet for research purposes? What is your favorite online decor store? Let me know in the comments below.

You can click on each picture, which will take you to the seller’s site. The links are affiliate links, and I will be paid a small commission, at no extra cost to you, when you purchase through my links. Thank you very much for your support!



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