Modern Farmhouse Decor - Awaken your inner Joanna

Modern Farmhouse Decor – Awaken your inner Joanna

Joanna Gains and the rise of the rustic modern Farmhouse trend

It has always been popular, the farmhouse interior design style. However, Joanna Gains is by far the most popular person in the rustic and modern farmhouse world (she is at the time of me writing this post, anyway), reviving the rustic trend and adding her own touches to it.

With her TV show “Fixer Upper”, she and her husband Chip stormed our hearts full speed. As I do not know them personally, I can only tell you what I think has been going on, and to me, they seem to have it all sorted out. Two very talented people, with gorgeous kids, managed to start a wave of fresh interest in the ever so popular interior design trend “Rustic Modern Farmhouse” by renovation old houses and turning them into real estate gems.

The HGTV show won’t be continued, but re-runs will surely be aired. Joanna just published a cookbook and is expecting their 5th child.

What happens next

Without Joanna and Chips’s regular guidance, we will need to be fixing-up our homes ourselves, and there comes in the internet, believe it or not. There are many talented artist creating gorgeous products for us to add to our homes. And yes, you can do it!

The internet (especially large sites like Etsy, Amazon, Target, Hobby Lobby, World Market, Wayfair and Pottery Barn seem to be hot spots) and local stores are full of everything rustic and modern farmhouse decor.

But what makes a piece of decor rustic or modern farmhouse?

To me, it means that the decor object is “old” (or new, made to look and feel old). It oozes coziness and warmth and takes us back to a time where life was a bit simpler. Think sipping ice tea on the porch after a long day working the fields.Not that that was simple, it was and is hard work to actually run a farm, but I think you know what I mean.

The materials used a lot to create a rustic or modern farmhouse style are wood and galvanized steel for buckets, tables and benches and Cotton and linen for bedding, pillows and curtains. Fresh flowers are important too. White porcelain and crockery play a big role, as do wooden signs with quotes and rustic wall art.

Looking for inspiration?

Pinterest and Instagram are two of the most popular platforms where you can go look for some inspiration, followed closely by Tumbler. And of course my site ;-). Speaking of Pinterest and Instagram, are we connected already? No?? Well, I would love us to be! My Pinterest account is and my Instagram handle is @RusticCountryFarmhouseFinds. Make sure to leave me a comment below, so I can make sure to follow you back!

A collection of the finest farmhouse decor items

Below, you can find an ever-growing selection of hand-picked, typical farmhouse decor products that will transform your home into a stylish rustic or modern farmhouse, just like you want it! Most of these items make great gifts too, just saying.

By clicking on the pictures, you will be send to the seller’s site directly, where you can buy the items you are looking for. I am an affiliate with these companies, which means that I get a small amount of commission – at no extra cost to you – when you decide to buy though one of my links. This also means that I am not being offered any products for free, nor am I being paid by any of these companies for this post. Whatever you have been reading so far is my personal, honest opinion.Thank you so much for visiting my blog today, I really appreciate it a lot!

Now be inspired and let your inner Joanna run free!



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