- comfortable farmhouse armchairs

Wanted: two super-comfortable farmhouse armchairs

I’m on a mission!

I am searching for two farmhouse armchairs to replace one of my (too large) white sofas.

It feels like forever that I want to change the look of our living room. As some of you know, our living room is a “wintergarden” aka sun room, with lots of natural light and windows all around 3 sides of the room. It is a challenging room to decorate, to say the least. Don’t get me wrong, I love this space, but it is not an easy one. Also, our home is rented, which means I have to work with what is already there (color, stairs etc.).

Currently we have two large white sofas from our previous apartment in here, which are (unfortunately) really just too big for the space. I have been wanting to sell one of them for ages, but I somehow don’t have the heart to to let go of one, I just love them! And who knows, we might need them in a future home? Below, the red blankets are our winter decor and the sand color one is our summer decor.

Time for change

The thing is, we actually hardly use these sofas…. We dress them with blankets because our guests are too afraid to sit on a white sofa :-). Currently, the only active user in our family is Luna, our incredibly adorable Maine Coon.

Sooo… time has come to stop procrastinating and get things moving. I will post one of my sofas for sale and then buy two new super comfortable armchairs instead. I think that will look so much better. That brings me back to my mission. I need two super comfortable armchairs!

Choosing color, shape and fabric

Color wise, I tend to always come back to white and dark grey. This time it could be a leather chair too, though. Or even Blue! I am also considering getting a new cover for my remaining sofa in grey, not too sure yet though if I want my sofa and chairs to be in the same color or not. The rug they will be sharing is a jute one from Ikea. The chairs have to be so comfy that I could spend a long winters day in it, reading, close to the fireplace. Or spend the evening chatting to my husband or some dear friends, drinking a bottle of wine (or two). And then, besides being comfortable, they also need to be able to handle two kids and two cats…

Where to look for inspiration

As always when I am looking for interior design ideas, I first check on Houzz, Pinterest and Instagram. Then I search the rest of the internet. For reference, I have put together a collection of my favorites so far. I will keep you updated on which ones I have actually chosen. This time, a lot of my favorites are from Wayfair, some from Amazon. Well, so far anyway, the search is not over yet! I am heading over to Pottery Barn in a minute šŸ™‚

What do you think would fit our living room? Do you have any suggestions for me? What is your online go-to place for new home decor? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

I have made this selection available here so you, in case we share the same taste, do not have to spend soooo many hours online as I have done! And in order to be able to support my family a bit, the links below are affiliate links. I will get a small commission if you decide to buy one of these products through my links. Thank you very much for that!



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